20 Best European Countries To Travel in 2018 With Kids

We love Europe and even though most European countries are kid-friendly, here’s a list of our most favorite kid-friendly European cities you can travel to in 2018!

1. Barcelona, Spain


2. Amalfi Coast, Italy


3. Vienna, Austria


4. Budapest, Hungary


5. Paris, France


6. Lisbon, Portugal


7. London, England


8. Florence, Italy


9. Rome, Italy


10. Prague, Czech Republic


11. Brittany, France


12. Corfu, Greece


13. Dalmatia, Croatia


14. Dublin, Ireland


15. Reykjavik, Iceland


16. Munich, Germany


17. Krakow, Poland


18. Bohinj, Slovenia


19. Riga, Lativa


20. Valletta, Malta

Tripelle Kids
Tripelle Kids

Tripelle Kids are the writers and moderators of KIDS TALK. 1. M.K - Oldest girl, photographer, reviewer,, writer, 2. Zi - Middle boy, photographer, reviewer, writer 2. Z.K -Youngest girl - model, reviewer, adventurer, moderator

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