Hello and welcome to Tripelle a leading online family travel magazine and blog for the average wanderlust family with limited vacation time, limited resources, full-time work, school-age children, and an extensive travel bucket list!

We started Tripelle in 2017 as a resource to inspire families like ours to travel often, even with a full “life-calendar,” since some life lessons  are best learned outside the classroom.

Our blog chronicles our journey through the world, albeit slower than we’d like due to the delicate business of balancing life.

Our dedicated travel sections share our handcrafted tips for best travel including exquisite local foods, unique accommodations, family-focused travel guidebooks, novelty products, and other travel-related essentials and resources. Since our trips are self-sponsored, we provide unbiased reviews based on our personal experiences to help families navigate where to visit and where to stay for family holidays with kids. We hope our stories inspire your family to take a short but fun trip today!

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Hello, I’m Adaeze – a writer, author, publisher, soccer mom, swim mom, wife, entrepreneur, ex-runner, and travel-enthusiast.

I founded Tripelle as a comprehensive resource for parents who believe the classroom goes beyond four walls and need tips on how to maximize their time and resources to explore more of the world.

I used to believe I needed weeks off of work and tons of money to take a vacation until my husband and I took our nine-month daughter from the East Coast to Maui, Hawaii for just a long weekend many years ago. Crazy? Yes, but we both only had Friday off work and had to work with what we had. Fast forward so many years later and with three children in tow, we recently took a 24-hour trip to the Bahamas, again from Washington D.C. Then Portugal for three days, Madrid for two days, Demark for a day, then Alaska, Iceland, Mainland Spain, UK, Jamaica, Aruba, Mexico, Canary Islands…and ton more short international trips – yes all crazy but you get the picture – you can either wait until you get two weeks off to travel and perhaps travel once or twice a year, or you can maximize the time and money you have and see more of the world. I’ll show you how!

Just in case you’re a little more curious about me – I used to work in the medical field (I’m one of those over-educated people with four college degrees who finally realized their passion has nothing to do with all their degrees, except perhaps the Masters in Creative Writing, but I digress). I started my first company in 2007 while working full-time  and raising a family. In 2013, I left my corporate job to focus on building my second company, a digital media company which now allows me to work from anywhere in the world. I’m neither rich nor famous – just a seriously focused hard worker who loves to travel. In the summer of 2017, I launched Tripelle as a division of my parent digital media company. I like to call myself a digital nomad as I can work 24/7 from anywhere I chose, but we still call the East Coast home due to other life obligations like soccer, swimming, work, finances, and homework!

My role at Tripelle? Well, I coordinate all our trips to the last detail, pack all the bags, work directly with our contributors, work with our advertisers and partners, guilt my husband into taking short bursts of time off work, make my children stay for that “one last shot” that never ends, do the mundane admin work, and of course, all the blogging of our trips while still running my main company. Talk about making 24 hours stretch… hence I travel not to escape life but for life not to escape me. 


This is Tripelle Dad standing at the edge of a cliff in Iceland. My very favorite picture of him! Hubby does all the techy stuff for Tripelleas well as work with potential advertisers and partners. He also manages to get the entire family to the airport, usually without much time left to spare (we almost missed an international flight once by two minutes but it wasn’t his fault – our flight was super-early in the morning, perhaps too early), and he always gets the children to smile one more time for that “last shot” I want but never get. He’s usually the one that does all the water-sports with the children (I’m not a big fan of cold water, even though I like to swim), and the thrill rides, and yet I’m more adventurous than him. He’s the family’s selfie-stick and he’s of course my partner in our “couple-only” trips.



These are the Tripelle babies, who are the only reason we can write about family vacations! Our Tripelle Baby #1, MK is our oldest and our family photographer. Most of our pictures are captured by MK unless she’s in the picture. She frequently gets that “great shot” Tripelle is always looking for and never complains when she’s needed in multiple photographs. She plans to take some professional photography courses soon. She’s also the main moderator for our popular Kids Talk where she and her siblings discuss and review all-travel related products as well as other issues that interest children. She’s the reason why Kids Talk exists. She’s not yet on any social media, but once she’s of the right age, she’ll be our social media expert. For now, apart from photography, she’s involved in reviewing our articles to make sure our recommended activities keep our readers entertained.

Standing in the middle is Tripelle Baby #3, ZK, our model, destination picker, adventurer, and a moderator on the Kids Talk. She’s loves being in pictures, and frequently decides our next adventure. She’s always planning a trip! She’s also very vocal with her reviews about destinations, hotels, products, cuisine, and other travel-related products and services. She  currently helps with rating our trips and informing us of which topics would interest families with children her age.

Our last Tripelle Baby #2 is simply known as Zi. He’s our little professor, often informing us of unknown facts about our next destination and prompting us to include off-the-beaten path ideas into our trips. He helps with researching a new place (most times he already knows more about the place than we do). He’s also not a big fan of being in pictures, so you’ll probably not see him as much in pictures; however he’ll always the first to take a picture of landscapes. He especially likes capturing sunsets, and is the other writer in our family as well as a moderator on Kids Talk.


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