Best Apps for 2018 that Every Traveler Must Have

The best applications for 2018 are here! If you are someone who will be doing a lot of traveling next year, here are the apps you could download on your mobile phones and tablets to help you get through the hustle and bustle that travelling brings.


Skyscanner is perfect for searching flights, hotels, and car rentals around the globe. It is available in 30 languages and has over 60 million users monthly. The app can search for the best deals for you among its multiple travel partners. Make sure to turn on price alerts so you will be notified for any price changes in your flight, hotel, or car rental searches. For last minute vacation plans when you still can’t decide where to go, the app let’s you select “everywhere” as a destination option, and vacation inspirations will appear in the search results.


Not a fan of the typical hotel-stay on your trip? Book an accommodation through Airbnb for an unlimited choice of places to stay. With this app, you are likely to find accommodation in places you’ve never imagined hotels exist. You can also book unique and exciting accommodations to make your trip even more memorable, such as  a tree-house in Bali or a seashell house in Mexico. 


One of the best things about travelling to a new place is the food you get to try. Yelp is the best app for finding the best places to dine and the best cuisine to try in the area. If you are on a specific diet such as  clean vegan, it’s a bit of a challenge to find food to eat while travelling. The great news is that Yelp can help you do so.


Sure, Netflix is mostly enjoyed at home, but what better use of your time than to binge-watch Stranger Things while you are waiting for your flight at the airport, right? The Netflix app also allows you to download shows so you can watch them offline. Keep that playlist full so you have  entertainment on the go.


If you are backpacking on a budget, getting around using Uber may not be the most economical way. There might be times though where splurging a little on transportation is worth it- such as when you’re running late for a flight and a language barrier is making it hard for you to explain to the local cab driver where you are going.

Packing Pro

If you are one of those travelers who always ends up spending additional charges for excess baggage, then this app is for you. Packing Pro helps you organize what to pack based on your destination and travel dates. The list of suggested items to pack ranges from essentials to documents to clothing. This will definitely lessens the chance of you bringing a space-consuming winter coat on your trip to Australia in December and other “just-in-case” stuff.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi is a necessity for most of us these days. Sure, you can subscribe to international data plans, but that could be costly, especially if you are travelling for a longer duration. Aside from that, it may not be available in some places you will be going to. Wi-Fi Finder is the best app in locating available paid and free Wi-Fi locations in the area which will help you stay online as much as possible.

Google Translate

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages to understand and be understood. When you are in a country where you don’t speak the language, communication could be really difficult. In the olden days, travelers would carry dictionaries with them and they would go through endless flipping and scanning just to know the local translation for “airport,” “bathroom,” or “how much.”Lucky for us, we now have multiple apps that can do this job. Google Translate is one of the best apps there is to help you communicate with people with different languages. Make sure to use the conversation mode feature- it’s a life saver.


TripAdvisor gives you feedback from real people. I use this app for pretty much checking the best things to do in the city that I am about to visit. Reading the reviews gives you information that may not be posted on the information page of the hotel, restaurant, museum, or amusement place that you are checking out. A lot of reviews often give friendly reminders such as “bring extra cash, no ATM available in the area” and whatnot.

Family Car Games

Every parent knows how challenging it is to be travelling with kids. They easily get bored and distracted, which may eventually cause tantrums, which are not a pleasant thing for anyone. This app gives you a list of things you can play with kids during a long drive or even a long flight to keep them entertained and occupied.


One of the most important things to keep track of while travelling is your finances. XE Currency App helps you convert every currency, which is important especially in situations and establishments where you cannot use credit cards.

Google Maps

Google Maps is extremely helpful in making sure we don’t get lost. I even use this when I’m just in my own city looking for that newly-opened bistro or getting to the place where I am having my first aerial yoga session. When travelling in a new city or country, Google Maps is a must, unless you have a personal tour guide with you all the time. The worst thing that could happen to a traveler in a strange place is to be wasting time trying to figure out the right direction. This app saves you time, and keeps you from having frustrations and unnecessary stress.

Rea Mae
Rea Mae

Rea is a freelance travel writer from the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. She lives by the principle of 3 B’s- books, beaches, and brewed coffee. At sixteen, she started her first year in the university and moved out from her parents’ house. On weekends when she is not working on her thesis for her Master’s Degree, she is either exploring beaches, at home reading Murakami, or sleeping in airports on her way to backpack somewhere with her friends.

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