Adaeze is the founder and publisher of Tripelle, a comprehensive resource for families who want to see more of the world in less time. She’s also a writer, author, publisher, travel-enthusiast, natural health-enthusiast, and digital media entrepreneur. Her insights about life, travel, and health have been featured in several magazines and books. She currently lives in the metro DC area with her husband and children but they can often be found everywhere else in the world. Follow her adventures on the official Tripelle Blog!




Angela is the proud mother of three awesome children, a professional blogger and an author. She is passionate about her family, community health, travel, and empowering moms to succeed in both motherhood and business. With her Greek heritage and Floridian/Bohemian laid back view on life, she’s been able to live outside the box! Follow her on her blog!




Katie is a Writer, Blogger and World Traveler. Since the completion of her Fashion Marketing degree in 2012, she has been honing her craft by writing for a number of businesses and publications. She blogs about fashion, beauty and travel weekly and never without a cup of tea close by. Follow her blog to see more of her adventures in her native U.K and beyond!




Joel is an avid backpacker and travel addict, experiences include, trekking from Jiri to Everest Base Camp, solo camping for 3.5 months in Patagonia, walking the Salkantay Trek, living the van life in New Zealand and more! He hope to inspire others to travel by alleviating anxiety and honestly portraying locations with expository tips.




Sheetal is a management graduate from India and a writer. She loves writing and traveling. She visited 15 countries while on a Student Exchange Program during her recent MBA program and had recently taken a break from work to backpack in Europe. She has lived in many cities in India and have traveled there as well. She is a green tea addict and her life motto is, “Hakuna Matata”! You can follow her on her blog! 




Tyler is a traveler from small-town USA who has spent over four years abroad. He’s lived in Zambia, South Korea, and now calls Thailand home. He’s skydived in Namibia, swam with the Great White Sharks in South Africa, and has run the Kilimanjaro Marathon with absolutely no training!




Born of immigrant parents in Aotearoa New Zealand, exploring the world comes naturally to Linda and she is aware that there are many places in the world to call ‘home’. She grew up on a busy sheep farm so animals are always in her life – cats, dogs, birds, horses, camels… Linda Mary Smith currently lives in the ‘Meddle East’ with Bedouin neighbors, working as a digital nomad and occasional tour leader. She’s taught horse riding, scuba diving, paragliding, belly dancing, and English as way to share her passions. Follow her quirky view on life on her blog




Jamie is a Yorkshireman with a yearning for new horizons whilst holding his roots close. Cultures and people draw him to wander the world, whilst getting stuck-in to a place and really living it is what excites him the most. He’s called Liverpool, London and Medellin home for brief spells with Melbourne next up on the list. Where after? A couple of places beginning with ‘N’, he suspects… Other passions include design and architecture, and music which predates his birth year. Follow him on Instagram!




Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, and situated in Trowbridge, England for a while as a child, Rashana King has lived and worked in Jamaica as an accountant and freelance writer for over a decade! She has ascended from the small-time journalist for the local high school newspaper and now shares travel stories, cuisine, reviews, tips and advice about traveling in Jamaica. She’s our resident Caribbean travel expert and aunt to two wonderful children.




Zoran was born, raised, and currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia which is an ideal base for exploring Europe. He finds pleasure in writing about various destinations, cultures and natural and architectural gems and takes pride in helping other expand their views through sharing his personal stories and tips. He believes  that “who never travelled, probably never lived” and frequently encourages people to travel to anywhere – nearby city, neighboring country or to the other side of the world to “live”.




Rea is a freelance travel writer from the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. She lives by the principle of 3 B’s- books, beaches, and brewed coffee. At sixteen, she started her first year in the university and moved out from her parents’ house. On weekends when she is not working on her thesis for her Master’s Degree, she is either exploring beaches, at home reading Murakami, or sleeping in airports on her way to backpack somewhere with her friends.




Helga loves writing about travel almost more than travelling itself.  Almost.  A little nomadic and not quite sure which city really is ‘home’, she’s been travelling locally in South Africa and abroad since she can remember.  She’s a qualified journalist and has spent some years working in the travel industry.  When she’s not riding a bike (and she’s always riding a bike) she’s most likely researching new places to explore and thinking up ways to increase the savings in her ‘travel piggy bank’.


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