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Kids Talk: Jalisco, Mexico

“Mexico is fun, amazing, great food, and really nice people” 

We visited Jalisco area of Mexico for four days over a long weekend break from school in April 2017. My younger sister, ZK who is the destination picker for the most part, had just gotten a bookmark about Mexico and wanted to know more especially about fiestas. She really wanted to attend one. My brother, Zi, had just completed a school lesson in Mexico and had numerous questions about modern Mexico. I came along because someone has to take pictures and I didn’t mind knowing more about Mexico. It was a great educational and fun trip, and I’m thankful we visited. There were so many highlights of our trip but we had to narrow it down to fifteen things we enjoyed the most.

15. Peacocks. Peacocks. And more peacocks. And playing with them.

14. Roasting marshmallows at night with other children from all over the world.

13. Boat ride along the coast with my family to an fun island.

12. Great people and local Mexican music at lunchtime.

11. Riding a donkey up a curvy path in the woods.

10. Kayaking and other fun water activities with our parents.

9. Exploring the woods and discovering new animals.

8. Exploring downtown, and eating locally-made fruit popsicle on the street.

7. Flying a kite on a rocky beach with very friendly and welcoming locals.

6. Zip lining through tree tops and other tree adventures.

5. Hammocks. Beaches. Water. And seeing jellyfish out of water.

4. Food and more food. And visiting Pipi’s, one of the best restaurants in the area.

3. Watching and participating in a Fiesta/Traditional Dance. It was top on ZK’s list.

2. Rock climbing to a cliff to throw rocks into the sea

1. View of the sunset from our accommodation

Mexico: Tripelle kids tested, reviewed, and approved!

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